The reservations across our web remain subject to confirmation until a deposit of 25% by Credit Card (Visa or Mastercard).

To collect your vehicle you will need your Identify card or Passport and Driving licence in effect, and to provide a Credit Card (Visa or Mastercard).

The makes and models of cars shown on our site are examples of groups only and maybe substituted for others makes or models in the group reserved. No guarantees are available for make, model, colour, petrol or diesel engines.

The vehicle cannot be taken off of the Island of Menorca.

Our advertised prices include

IVA / VAT 21%

Unlimited Mileage

24 hour breakdown cover

Aditional driver

Deliveries and collections at the Airport, Maó, Es Castell and Sant Lluís between 9 to 21h.

CDW insurance, without bond, with exclusions,  for groups A, A1 (Cabrio), B, C and D.

Insurance CDW, with excess of 600€, with exclusions, for groups D1 and D2 (Automatics), E (SUV), F (7 seater), G (9 seater). This excess can be reduced to zero with the Full Insurance for these type of cars.

Our Insurance cover drivers of 23 years up to 70 years having held a driving license for a minimum of 2 years.

Insurance exclusions

- Puncture, tyre damage or damage to wheel rims

- Loss or damage of car keys

- Mirrors, window damage and rear-view

- Refuelling the vehicle with the incorrect fuel (expenses incurred by the movement or the repair of the damage that have been caused to the vehicle by using the incorrect fuel.

- Damage to the underside of the vehicle. The sills beneath the doors, the clutch and upholstery.

- Any traffic fines incurred

- Reckless driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs

We will require the number of a Credit Card (Visa or Mastercard) at the start of the rental to cover any cost incurred.

If you don't have a credit card we will request from you an excess from 300 euros.


Optional Full Insurances

Full Insurace for groups A, A1 (Cabrio), B, C and D: 8€/day covers tyres, wheels, glass, mirrors, rear-view, car keys, incorrect refuelling, underside of the car, sills beneath the doors, clutch and upholstery.

Full Insurance, to reduce the excess to zero, for groups D1 and D2 (Automátics), E (SUV), F (7 seater) and G (9 seater): 14€/day, covers tyres, wheels, glass, mirrors, rear-view, car keys, incorrect refueling, underside of the car, sills beneath the doors, clutch and upholstery.


* No additional insurance covers damages caused by negligence to the underside of the vehicle, for dangerous driving, or under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or any other illegal substance or on taking the breathalyser test should this prove positive, and fines.

* Failure to report an accident however small, within 24 hours will result in the collision damage cover being withdrawn. This means that the hirer will be responsible for all repair cost. The client must also fully complete the accident report form supplied with the vehicle. Failure to complete this form in full will result in the insurance being withdrawn and the client responsible for the full cost of repair.


Fuel policy

We will deliver the cars with a full tank of fuel and the clients must leave the car with a full tank at the and of the rental (full-full). If the car is not full at the end of the rental, the client will be charged the cost of fuel, plus an additional charge of 10€.

Also, we can offer the option to deliver the car full of fuel and the client may pay for the tank of fuel at the beginning of the rental and return the car empty (full-empty).

However no refund is offered for any unused portion of fuel at the end of the rental period. 


Deliveries to the Airport

Deliveries to the airport are free from 9.00h to 21.00h.

Please note that we need the flight details to deliver the car at the Airport.

A person of our company will waiting for you at the Airport with a sign of Autos 21 Rent a Car.



Baby seats Group 0 0+ (newborn to 9kgs) 3€/day 

Baby seats Group I (from 9kgs until 18kgs) 3€/day VAT included

Booster cushions Group II and III (from 15kgs until 36kgs) 3€/day VAT included

Deliveries and collections for flights between 21.00h and 9.00h incur a supplement of 25€.

Deliveries or collections outside the zones of Mahón, Es castell or Sant Lluís incur a supplement of 28€ and deliveries or collectins zone Ciutadella 30€.

Traffic fine management and others managements: 25€. This fee will be charged if you receive a traffic ticket during your rental, this fee does not pay the fine.


Return of the vehícle

The vehicle must be returned on the date, hour and place agreed on the rental contract. If the vehicle is returned before the agreed hour without notice to the company, any expenses incurred (parking, etc) will be charged to the client. We offer a grace period of of 59 minutes, after this period the client will be invoiced one more day.

Methods of payment

To confirm your reservation Autos 21 rent a car require a deposit of 25% payable by credit card (Visa or Mastercard). The balance will be payable upon collection of the vehicle in cash or by credit card (Visa or Mastercard).

If you need an invoice Autos 21 will require the company name and details to be invoiced before arrival


Cancelation policy

Reservations cancelled 10 or more days before the start of the rental will incur an administration charge of 10% of the total rental, minimum 10 euros.

Reservations cancelled between 9 and 2 days before the start of the rental will incur an andministration charge of 20% of the total rental, minimum 10 euros.

Reservations cancelled 1 day before or on the day of rental will be charge 25% of teh total of rental.

No refounds are made once rental has started, except in exceptional circunstances (death of a relative for example).

Refounds are not given if the vehicle is collected later than agreed on the reservation on the vehicle is returned before the date or  hour on the reservation


Data Protection

We inform you that your personal data will be keep in a client file protected by Balear Inversiones y Explotaciones, S.A (Autos 21 Rent a Car). The processing of our data is necessary for the development of the commercial relationship that links us and may be the subject of assignments of obligated according to the current regulations.